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We love our LaMancha goats here at NOTLA Farms. LaMancha goats are perhaps the most distinctive goat breed – easily recognizable by their very short gopher ears. They are also known for their high milk production, comparatively high butterfat content in their milk, and people-loving temperaments.

Our LaMancha herd started with the purchase of two milking does to provide fresh goat's milk for our family. We soon found a love of exhibiting these goats in 4H and American Dairy Goat Association shows. Over the last several years, we have strived to develop a competitive herd in both milk production and show confirmation. While our LaManchas are a more traditional size goat, they are big on personality.


Meet our herd.


We have a variety of sheep here at NOTLA Farms. Our flock consists of crossbred ewes, Southdown ewes, and a Dorset ram. Our sheep pairings produce Dorset Advantage lambs. These Dorset Advantage Sheep are a versatile breed and may be used to produce meat, wool, and yes, even milk.

Meet our flock.



At NOTLA Farms, we raise Anatolian Shepherd - Great Pyrenees mix livestock guardian dogs. Also known as the Anatolian Pyrenees, this mix combines two large working breeds.

Anatolian Shepherds are independent, intelligent, and protective. They’re also incredibly loyal to their families and won’t hesitate to defend them if they think it necessary.

Great Pyrenees are calm dogs who may seem uninterested; however, they are very aware of everything going on around them and the livestock they watch over. They can be stubborn and won’t always respond quickly to instructions.

Regarded by some as gentle giants, the Anatolian Pyrenees do require an experienced owner who can provide firm, yet loving boundaries.

Meet our pack.

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